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Like many artists I admire, I wish I could claim a lifelong physical connection to the great metropolis of New York City. Sure, as a kid growing up in Pennsylvania, I made many field trips to the Guggenheim and to the Met. And as an adult, in 1994 I moved to NYC to work for Giorgio Armani, where I designed and created window concepts for his boutiques. In 1996 I even got to meet Derek Jeter, the same year the Yankees won the World Series (the first time since 1978).

But my affinity with New York has more to do with it’s energy and sense of purpose. The intensity of millions of people in one place trying to survive, thrive, become something, be something and do something special. It’s overwhelming and magical. Especially on the heels of commemorating yesterday’s 13th Anniversary of 9/11. New Yorkers are fucking amazing, resilient, caring and tenacious humans. Only New Yorkers can New York the New York that is New York.

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