The Sketchbooks

For ten months, 300+ days, in seven sketchbooks, on 800+ pages, with thousands of scribbles, scribes and sketches I have recorded the moments of my day into my sketchbooks to inspire the paintings of BIGGER. SMALLER. FUNNIER. On a daily basis many things happen in our lives. Some of them move us forward, some backward, some are good and inevitably some are bad. But this is the stuff that matters. The happenings we experience differently but feel similarly. I desired BIGGER. SMALLER. FUNNIER. to help connect to others in this way. 

Ultimately, the project has become more than just a painting-a-day for 365 days. Each piece is a story. Whether it’s about old patterns, gravity’s pull, lover’s love, donuts or high horses, BIGGER. SMALLER. FUNNIER. is about our shared human experience, the things that connect us and hopefully inspire us to live better lives, or simply smile a little more